Essay gun control

Gun politics in the us Campus news: The gun politic in the US is a hot subject now that twenty students has got shoot down and killed. The gun politics can be discussed for so many angles, in US it’s almost like stealing your freedom for some people, they think they should have their own opportunity to help themselves if someone breaks into their house or when someone is following in them home from work late at night. But why do you need the police If they can’t safe you, and the problem wouldn’t be there If we got a rid of all the guns In the homes.

It’s really just should not have the chance to buy a gun If you re former prisoner at least for the first few years after being released, or you should go through some sort of test and get a certificate that says you are allowed to have guns for hunting or in your house. Clearly this form for gun control is not getting us anywhere but digging our own grave, I mean it’s hard just going to school without being afraid of getting gunned down by someone that doesn’t like their own life and It’s everyone else fault.

Obama will not have armed security In public schools, and have armed security In his children’s school, some might say It’s double standards, UT come on it’s the president’s kids and not just “normal” kids they need more security than normal kids, and isn’t it the wrong answer to protect people from guns and killing each other to think that we should get more guns? I don’t follow the fact that everybody should have the same level of protection that the government has? Isn’t It they government that should help you when you are afraid and when someone Is shooting other people.

Trained forces Like the police and the US army are trained to help other, and they have to leave they gun at the office or at the army so they onto get the chance to snap, and go shoot someone. There are many things that plays in because American’s are so stubborn, and we want to feel safe and that’s Just human we grow up knowing our momma is there for us every time we are scared of monster under the bed, never take candy from strangers or not let strangers into our homes. How are these simple rules not enough either, don’t let someone you don’t trust Into your home.

I know “what about all the school shootings? ” again If u get metal detectors in the hardest community with most violence and gun criminality, ND don’t let people buy them so easily problem solved. Not solved but that’s a start putting more guns in society is a frightening thought, now there is more guns in US than people with that fact, I would be scared Just leaving the house. Ghanaian one’s said “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” isn’t what we are doing not Just to our enemy, but to each other.

Clearly there are positive sites to It, we do hear stories from now to then that a family father saved him and his family when some robbers going to robe their house and pointing guns at them, and the father finds his UN and shoots him, but either way someone is getting hurt, but clearly people are buying all these guns to feel more safe, and I think it’s working for a while until we hear that someone Just killed twenty people in a school, and then the good old riffle is being replaced with some worse form of firearm.

I think we need to start getting non-existing in the society “no it shouldn’t” but it should be harder to get firearms, showing clean record is not the way either, usually when someone is making a massacre in a school it’s not a someone who hasn’t got clean record, but someone hat Just having been treated right I think we should help the society that way by helping each other with their mental issues instead of letting them get to a stage in life where the only opportunity for them is shooting everyone.

Gun politics and firearms is being such a big subject, and I’m glad that I’m not the president, because I made some ideas for what we could do and it’s Just wishful thinking, but it’s really a big issue that’s not Just being solved in one day or one year. Fact is the thing we got going right now isn’t working, and something has to be done, but what is the big question, but something must be done!