Gun control

To have gun control laws or not to have gun control laws that is the question. Recent tragedies involving firearms have sparked up a controversial debate in America. Our president, Barack Obama, has remained “noncommittal” (Grief) as of late but the war rages on with or without him. Peter Grief has thus far remained neutral, but as for me, I have already chosen my answer to the question.

Gun control laws would not only leave our law abiding citizens unprotected, but it would also eave those exact same citizens exposed to preventable crimes, and strip us of our second amendment right. First of all, the fact that this is even a topic, In “the best country In the world”, Is shameful. Certain precautionary measures have already been established and proven Ineffective, the answer to preventing future tragedies Is not to create more. Lawmaker’s efforts in the end will once again prove futile.

People committing these crimes are obviously criminals and have no disregard for the arbitrary laws lawmakers pass. To put it simply “criminals don’t obey laws”( Ron Paul) Ron Paul is a retired congressman who is against gun control. He believes that Americans are “misguided” because they think that “if we pass the right laws that future horrors like the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting can be prevented. ” He is right Criminals will get there hands on a gun with or without Goodness 2 laws, so why pass a law that is only going to leave citizens defenseless?

A huge red target Is painted when a criminal discovers an unarmed citizen, leaving them alienable. Also, Criminals avoid potentially armed people and target helpless ones. By disarming us Lawmakers are just putting us all at risk. Passing more gun control laws and promoting gun free zones paints a huge red target for criminals. The shooting at Virginia Tech was quickly ended by “two law school students [who] ran to fetch their legally owned firearm”. (Nugent) This incident could have ended a lot worse hadn’t been for those two students. Guns protect us from criminals.

It will be a abiding citizen that prevents crimes. In fact Keenness, a city, in Georgia has proven it possible for guns and low crime to coexist. There law requires everyone to have a gun. Instead of creating targets for criminals there creating fear. If a criminal knows your armed he will most likely leave you alone. This should be the case everywhere but more laws will most likely be passed. What will you guys tell the family members of the Sandy Hook vellums? Many young, Innocent children died that day. What will you tell the females of the movie theater vellums In Colorado?

These people tragically SST family members that could’ve been avoided had there been a armed citizen. Own and the stuff that we may put on them have already been stripped from us but to go as far as to try to take them away is ludicrous and a violation of our second amendment. People are trying to point out that it also says “a well regulated militia” but the fact of the matter is that we should have guns “to defend our loved ones. “(Nugent) A Goodness 3 regulated militia does not have to be composed entirely of trained military personnel or law enforcement.

Americas first militias were composed of citizens! Store owners, bakers ,farmers, and blacksmiths! We do have an official military and have no need for militias but do have a need for the firearms still. We need them to ensure protection against potential government tyranny. In Conclusion, Gun control laws are already strict. It is self evident that criminals do not follow laws and never will. Tragedies have occurred recently because of current gun control laws leaving citizens at a disadvantage.

Gun control laws would not only leave our law abiding citizens unprotected, but it would also leave those exact same citizens exposed to preventable crimes, and strip us of our second amendment right. More Laws will be proven ineffective. The shooting Grief talks about in his article happened at a religious temple, criminals have no Jurisdiction, regardless of whether guns are banned or not they will continue to kill people!. Griper’s words support both sides and he has personally shown no bias towards one or the other. What he will eventually choose is up to him but as for me, I am confident that I have chosen right.