Gun control

Mothballed Remarkable, [email protected] Com, Caps News, 20. 09. 2013 “l will try very hard”l those are the words of President Obama as he spoke at the National Rifle Association Campaign on gun control in January 2013. His words underline the problem of a nation of enthusiastic gun owners, who are not afraid of teaching their children how to use a gun and to shoot to protect their freedom. Is this the way we want America to go?

Following several school shootings nation, but aside from the oral debates, over the past decade – the latest being here are clear facts, that state, that the Newton shootings at the Sandy school shootings actually lead to Hook Elementary School in Increasing weapon sales. Connecticut in December 2012 – the President of the united States, Barack Obama, addressed the nation at the National Rifle Association Campaigns on Gun Control the 16th of January 2013 to announce a plan to change America’s gun culture. UN sales seem to increase rapidly, as people buy guns to protect their homes, family and themselves, thus creating a larger demand in the market, and causing the problem to spiral out of control. There seems to be trend (figure 1), that after every tragic Facts do not lie school shooting, people seem to support for stricter gun laws and the According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the firearms homicides makes out 3. Killings per 100. 000 inhabitants per year, this is 100% more than the neighboring Canada. The debate on gun control has evolved and almost split the Figure Support Stricter Laws, BBC 2013 in political debate reaches the congress and even presidents, but according to Gallup, focus has declined during past Assault Weapon Band & decades on the subject, followed only Magazine Clip Limit y a short focus increase after shooting incidences.

President Obama mentions in his speech at the National Rifle Association Campaign, that History repeats itself The President’s speech at the National Rifle Association Campaigns was emotional and he spoke directly to parents across the nation. He underlined, that parents must not fear handing over their school children. In 1999, former President Clinton stated, following the school shootings at Columbine High School, that “the problem is a daemon; we have to do more to fight”2.

After the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007, President Bush stated, that schools should be places for safety, sanctuary and learning” 2. President Obama current plan to reduce gun violence focuses on Mental Health & Information Sharing and Assault Weapon Band & Magazine Clip Limit. But is it really the necessary means, and are all factors taken into consideration? Let us take a closer look at the pros and cons of the four proposals. Magazine clips is a mean to prevent school shootings.

The numbers of shootings Figure 2, Connecticut shootings, 2012 should speak for themselves, and one must assume, that if the majority of the population does not have access to firearms, that shootings should automatically decline. However, President Obama proposal is being heavily criticized by the Chief executive at the National Rifle Association, Wayne Lavaliere, as he believes, that it is our personal rights to be able to protect our families using semiautomatic firearms technology, and that the band will be a freedom intervention in American lives.

As American we have the right to fight for our freedom at any cost, and we must also keep in mind, that it is not the weapons that kill, but the people 2 carrying the weapons. It is thus a of the shooters could have prevented question of responsibility, knowledge the horrific incidences. ND education. One must also question if the proposal is really enough, as facts show, that people with bad intentions somehow always get their hands on weapons, whether they are easily attainable, legal or illegal.

It is clearly a difficult task to regulate in the gun debate, and almost every solution has its pros and cons. Gun Control is a highly debatable topic, but changes must be done. It is time to take a stand in the debate, and it is therefore up to you to make a Mental Health and Information difference. Sharing Sharing mental health information with Workaround: 820 authorities prior to a weapon sale loud, according to President Obama proposal, also decrease the possibility of future shooting incidences.

This however leads to the question if information could be abused or possibly turn into a scenario, where you are guilty until otherwise proven. There has been an increase in diagnosing psychological illnesses people are suffering from ADD, minor depression, stress or anxiety today. There is a danger in letting untrained professionals, determine whether ones psychological state or background, is a danger to society. However, that being said, there is of course also a possibility, that the mental information 3