Gun Control

Précis Work Cited Cornell, Saul. “It Is unproven That the Founding Fathers Intended to Protect the Individual’s Right to Bear Arms. ” Is Gun Ownership a Right? Deed. Kelly Doyle. San Diego: Greengages Press, 2005. At Issue. RPR. From “The Second Amendment under Fire: The Uses of History and the Politics of Gun Control. ” http:// housemasters. Gum. Deed. 2001. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 25 Feb… 2014.

In this article, Saul Cornell associate professor in the Department of History at Ohio State University, claims that the Second Amendment was originally understood to rotate an Individual’s right to gun ownership remains historically unproven and politically contested. Saul develops his thesis by introducing the reader to two different interpretations of the second amendment; one interpretation is that in order to be legal, a gun law must be narrowly tailored and it must be designed to accomplish a compelling state interest to avoid running afoul of the Second Amendment.

The collective rights interpretation argues that the Bill of Rights provides no protection for an Individual’s right to own guns. Usual proposed this article In order to Inform the reader on how little people understood the Individual or collective nature of the right to keep and bear arms. Henning, Dennis A. “The Nark’s Link to the Militia Movement Is Dangerous. ” Militias. Deed. Noah Aberrantly. Detroit: Greengages Press, 2012. Opposing Viewpoints. RPR. From “Right Wing Militias and the NEAR: Second Amendment Osculates. ” Huffing Post. 2010. Opposing Viewpoints In Context.

Web. 25 Feb… 2014. Dennis Henna’s document suggests that the Second Amendment right to bear arms Is the ultimate reek on government power, allowing citizens to defend themselves from the government through violence. Henning develops her thesis by citing many case studies on individuals that claim that every person has a right to bear arm because of homegrown political violence in America. But also, opposing to what some individuals say, the NEAR suggested that “the Second Amendment Is literally a loaded gun In the hands of the people held to the heads of government. Henna purpose for this document was in order to question if there was any constitutional justification for violence. Moms group: 44 school shootings since Newton tragedy. ” Washington Times [Washington, DC] 13 Feb… 2014. Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 25 Feb… 2014. Author David Gherkins from The Washington Times stated that the Moms Demand Gun Sense in America, which issued a report, said those 44 shootings left 28 dead and another 37 injured. Some of the shootings were suicides and others were unintentional.

Gherkins develops this thesis by stating that the Congress that has shown little Interest in gun control after President Beam’s failed push last year for opacity ammunition. This document was introduced in order to introduce the audience on the movement the Moms Demand Gun Sense in American are taking to make sure Congress takes action to ensure the gun control law is better fixed. Children’s Defense Fund. “Gun Crimes Cause Serious Harm to Children. ” Guns and Crime. Deed. Christine Watkins. Detroit: Greengages Press, 2012. At Issue. RPR. From “Protect Children, Not Guns 2010. ” 20 Gauge. 2010: 1-18. Opposing Viewpoints in Context.

Web. 25 Feb… 2014. In this article, the editor claims that guns cause harm to hillier. The editor develops this thesis by stating factual information on the fact that there are too many guns and not enough gun control. The editor then supplies examples on deaths of many children from accidental or suicidal gunfire’s. The editors purpose of this document was to promote the audience to reject gun control by slowly stopping the globalization of guns and violence in movies, television, music and on the internet and also to protest and refuse to buy or use products that globalize or make violence socially acceptable or fun.