Gun Control

Controlling firearms would save more lives in schools. “When Students Pack Heat, the Danger Grows” USA Today, September 28, 2012 http:// asks. Sirs. Com. AI. Liberty. EDM. Deed/CGI-bin/host-article-display? In May, when University of Colorado students left Boulder for summer break, their campus was gun-free. Last month, they returned to a campus where Just about anyone can carry a gun Just about anywhere.

This misguided change wasn’t the university’s Idea. For 136 years, dating to the days of the Wild West, Colorado flagship university had kept guns off campus. Then, in 2008, two students and a national group called Students for Concealed Carry challenged the ban, and they eventually prevailed in the state’s highest court. That made Colorado one of five states Mississippi, Oregon, Utah and Wisconsin are the others where public colleges can no longer ban guns on campus. Wisconsin can still ban them inside buildings.

Within hours of the unspeakable massacre of twenty first graders and six teachers and staff members at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newton, Connecticut, on Friday, December 14th, bookers for the television networks’ Sunday- morning political talk shows hit the phones, trolling for guests…. After Sandy Hook, as after the Columbine horror, in 1 999, and the dozens of mass shootings since, many Americans, gun owners among them, wondered why any sane person would require mom or person, let alone to take target practice, shoot skeet, or hunt. According to utilitarianism to control guns. Mackinac, B. (2012). Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues, Concise Edition, 2nd Deed. Headwords Publishing Chapter 4. Page 32. The basic moral principle of utilitarianism is called the principle of utility or the greatest happiness principle. According to utilitarian moral theory, when we evaluate human acts or practices, we consider neither the nature of the acts or practices nor the motive for which people do what they do.