Gun Control

There are many of those who vehemently disagree with our constitutional right to own guns. Due to the flaws in our gun control laws, many citizens have a perfectly valid point to stand on. Be that as it may, Just because some of our laws lack in efficiency does not mean we need to throw out the proverbial baby with the bath water. There are two prime examples of how history has allowed us to take major gun related tragedies and enhance the legislation in place regarding the right to bear arms. The first instance occurred during the tumultuous sass’s.

Following the wake of the assassinations of both Martin Luther King, Jar. ND Robert F. Kennedy, several federal laws were put into place “to limit access to guns, by prohibiting dangerous people, like felons, drug abusers, and the mentally ill from purchasing or possessing guns” (“An Updated… Gun Violence”). Later, in 1993, after the attempted assassination on President Ronald Reagan Congress once again updated our gun control laws. The “Brady Bill” helped to strengthen the original intent of the law passed in 1968.

The Brady Bill introduced a system of background checks that allowed for gun distributors to make smarter sales on the open market (“An Updated… Gun Violence”). Many opposes will also bring up the fact that our country has seen more than its fair share of school shootings ranging from elementary schools all the way to college universities. These types of shootings have ranged anywhere from socially challenged students, upset parents, to all out psychopathic individuals suffering from a complete mental breakdown.

The largest portion of these offenders tend to be youth and teenagers. Several explanations have arisen as a result to try and better understand why this phenomenon has become borderline pandemic. The rise in size ND share of the youth population along with the increase in supply of guns to our youth are among the most common reasons cited for this outbreak (“Guns and Youth”). Truly, these are among the nation’s foremost issues right now and deserve attention so that we can help prevent these horrific tragedies.

But no matter what legislation is put into place, the fact remains that criminals will continue to break the law by its very definition. The most important reason for citizens to be able to carry fire arms is that when confronted with a criminal in a violent situation, the ability to wield a weapon can mean the difference between life and death for the would be victim. While most citizens across America may not be formidable with a gun, it is important that they be allowed the choice to own one or not.

If a criminal is going to break into someone’s house or attack somebody than chances are they will not have any problem with using a gun that was acquired illegally. Therefore it would be ineffective to outlaw guns if the criminal would still be breaking the law regardless. The only person the ban on guns would end up hurting is the victims themselves. In the end I believe there are several key points that we can all agree on. Children should not be allowed to use guns as well as convicted felons or the mentally unstable and clinically insane.

Our gun laws are not perfect and can stand to use some level of reform without having to ban gun sales outright. The use and sales of guns remains a vital part in defining who we are as a country as well as how we and other countries see us. The choice to carry a fire arm or not should remain the people’s choice and not in the government’s hands. However, no matter where you own opinions so that the their opinions are clearly expressed. Works Cited “Gun Control. ” Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection. Detroit: Gale, 2013. Opposing Viewpoints In Context.