Gun Control

Gun Control In my opinion, guns shouldn’t be banned, Just regulated. An automatic machine for example, there is no reason why any Cleveland should need one. They Just use them for recreational purposes but once they get In the wrong hands, these can be some of the most deadly weapons there are. Any scenario of that happening has had a terrible outcome and caused tragic events in our history. It shouldn’t be a hobby to own these kinds of very deadly weapons. They should be outlawed and taken away, except for a few circumstances.

I also think there is no reason why anyone would need a concealed handgun on their person. There’s something called law of attraction where if you have a certain energy toward something and look for it all the time, it will happen. Such as carrying a handgun, for example, it may make you more comfortable to put yourself in more dangerous situations, which in return maybe culminate with you using the gun. If no one were able to carry a handgun, there would be no reason to carry one yourself.

The worst part, a lot of the time you will never know the person even has It on them. Rifles on the other hand are used for sport, such as hunting, trap, and skeet shooting. They’re still very deadly Like every there firearm but not as bad as an automatic and not as sneaky as a handgun. It Is obviously much harder to conceal and walk around with a rifle than a handgun and that is why you can own a rifle at the age of 18 but not a handgun. This makes them a bit less dangerous in that sense.

The only way you should be able to have one of the rifles is if you have a license to hunt or for the sport shooting at the range, such as trap and skeet shooting. Other than that, the only reason someone would want a gun is to protect themselves from other people with guns, this wouldn’t be a problem if e could minimize the amount of guns out there. On the other hand, there is no reason why any civilian should need a machine gun. They are legal because they are used for a hobby to shoot at a range.

The problem with this and any gun for that matter Is If they get In the wrong hands, It could be a serious problem. During the movie theater massacre the gunman’s machine gun Jammed up and If It would not have, it would have meant the difference between many people’s lives. I don’t see the purpose for anyone to possess these very deadly weapons Sometimes you can’t intro who gets there hands on these guns so the profile check just is not enough to ensure our safety. All it takes is a family member who knows where the guns are to take them and possibly put a lot of people in danger.

Even when you have them in a very safe place, it can cause someone who knows where they are or possibly even yourself at the wrong time to do something that you will regret. This is exactly why we have the law where you have to wait a day to pick up your firearm after purchasing it called the “cool off period,” where if you were planning on killing someone or yourself, oh will have 24 hours to maybe decide not to. But on the other hand, If you already have the gun, you can Just pull it out and use It.

If we can educate the people and show how much better our world could be without the guns, It can make It a much better place. The problem with creating new laws is that the states that are more pro bigger population, such as New York, it will get much less votes than Texas which is substantially bigger and very pro guns. This is a very big conflict in our country that is the reason why we are still allowed to own them. In conclusion, unless you have a eel purpose for these guns they should be outlawed.

We shouldn’t endanger the lives of our people Just because some people like to shoot guns at nothing. Just because it’s an American tradition to have these guns and it is part of their lives, it’s just not worth all the negative effects it could cause. That shouldn’t make it okay to have these dangerous weapons circulating in our country and making it easier for them to get in to the hands of the wrong people. We should leave the fighting to our soldiers and not fight each other. Guns do not have to be totally banned, Just very regulated.