Gun control

Apart I decided I would do my political cartoon on gun control, so I goggled gun control cartoon images and came across the above cartoon. At first glance I thought the cartoon artist was in support of guns, by clearly listing out the number of jobs that are related to the sale and manufacturing of guns, thus making the statement guns sales provide Jobs. The image provided a link to another site (currant. Com/news/ pollen/cartoon) that provided the commentary from cartoonist- Bob Negligent. After reading Mr… Angler’s commentary, my conclusion Is that he supports gun control.

However, It’s my opinion, his cartoon does not support his stance regarding gun control because the cartoon seems to be more In favor of guns, and the sale and manufacturing of guns should be allowed because Jobs are created, which Is a common stance that gun supporters support. I do however find the cartoon effective because It allows the reader to think outside the box and take note that the Issues about gun control are not only about killing people, mandatory background checks or limiting the amount of ammunition one person can purchase.

Gun control is about the second Amendment; people have the right to bear arms. It’s about millions of people own guns because they want to feel protected from intruders, or lessen their chances of becoming victims of an assault, rape, or murder. It’s about hunters; rifles are used by hunters for the sole purpose of killing animals. Although animal’s lives are just as valuable as human life, animals are killed in order to provide food for people. It’s about the military- in order for our military to be successful they must be quipped with guns when fighting a war.

Let’s go back to the above cartoon; of the 26 occupations listed how many would really be affected by gun control? Will the lack of gun sales hurt the economy? I don’t think so, but Just by glancing at this cartoon and not giving it much thought a person could easily conclude that gun sales and the manufacturing of guns does affect our economy because of the various jobs that relate to the sales of guns. Part II My cartoon is taken from the cartoon in Part l.

My cartoon is meant to represent what may happen if Congress was ever to pass a gun bill and make it law. Stricter gun laws may result in the decrease of firearm production, which may be result of laying off people; gun sales may go down and the crimes committed by gun-violence will decrease. The second Amendment states that people have the right to bear arms. People have had this right since the constitution was 1st written. Even more recent the Supreme Court ruled that Individual’s have the right to bear arms for private use.

We the People- peg. 106). Even though fifty percent of Americans support stricter gun laws the gun bill presented to Congress this year, failed. On the brighter side of things aside from the united States Constitution, states have their own constitution; therefore, each state has their own regulations/ provisions pertaining to the right to bear arms. States have passed laws enforcing stricter gun laws and as a result over the years the nation has seen a decreased in crimes from gun-violence. (nix. Gob/