Gun Control

Americans believe gun control will protect their families from violence. These over protective people are sadly mistaken. Statistics prove that gun control does not reduce the number of violent crimes. Gun control does, however, go against the principles on which America was made. Guns are not responsible for the violent crimes that are pounding America. In fact, guns are used in few crimes. Most violent crimes are committed with knives or other objects. To fix this growing problem, the government needs to punish criminals more aggressively. Violent criminals need to ATA In prison for their full sentence.

Some Americans Like to blame firearms for the violence that happens. Rather than take on the responsibility for the problems, they push for more gun-control laws. Experience shows that this does not work. Canada, Australia, and the united Kingdom have all created gun-control programs that have been very unsuccessful. For example, In 1996 Australia spent 500 million dollars to confiscate and destroy 640,000 firearms. After two years, the Australian government found that the incidence of violent crime had increased dramatically. The number of armed robberies, for in-stance, had risen more than 70 percent.

The reason is simple: criminals are more likely to attack someone they believe is unarmed. Americans should learn from the other country’s experiences and not create ridiculous gun-control laws. In addition to being ineffective, gun-control laws go against some rights of Americans. The Second Amendment states that the people have the right to “keep and bear arms. ” It also says that this right should not be infringed upon. Infringed means to actively break the terms of a law or agreement. The men who created our nation included this right for a reason, to prevent construction or abuse of power.

They realized that unless the people had their rights The Founding Fathers knew that the best way to safeguard freedom is to have an armed citizenry. As politicians disregard the Second Amendment, the strength of this safeguard weakens. Gun control does absolutely nothing to protect Americans, and actually increases the incidence of crime. If Americans want to protect their personal safety and freedom, they must lobby against gun control. Gun control does not reduce crime, it merely weakens the control the people have on their government.