Gun Control

Gun control is a commonly discussed issue in today’s world. Everyone seems to have a different view and opinion on what should be done about it. In this essay I will discuss the regulations that President Obama wants put into place for gun control, the opposing views from the state and local levels, also the pros and cons that I can see about the gun control policy.

First, I will discuss some statistics on whether or not state and local governments should be able to set policies regarding ownership policies. According to a poll from Rasmussen Reports, 49 percent said that state or local governments should be chiefly responsible for setting policies on gun ownership. Thirty-four percent say state governments should be responsible, with 15 percent saying local authorities should take the lead. Only four In ten voters think that polices on gun ownership should be left up to the federal government. They’ll. Com, 2013). It comes down to this, someone pro-gun control would be for the government making all the decisions about who should own one and what guns should be banned, whereas anti-gun intro people are not okay with letting this be handled by the government. They believe that there American rights are being taken away. The Second Amendment in the U. S. Constitution states that we have the right to bear arms and with all of the mass shootings that have been occurring recently, that Amendment seems to be hanging in the balance.

The last significant federal gun law was sass’s Assault Weapons Ban, passed five years before Columbine, which expired in 2004. Despite all of the debates of the latest shootings like Sandy Hook, there has been little response from Congress regarding gun control. Infeasible. Com, 2013). President Obama held a press conference on Jan, 16, 2012 where he announced his plan to change the way gun control is seen in this country.

He suggestions include the following: universal background checks for gun sales, the reinstatement and strengthening of the assault weapons ban, limiting ammunition magazines too 10-round capacity, providing schools with resource officers and counselors, putting more police officers on the streets, establishing stronger punishments for gun trafficking, and offering more comprehensive insurance coverage for mental health. (infeasible. Com, 2013). The sues that arise when you think of gun control are plentiful but I will narrow it down to Just a couple. First, Irresponsible ownership of guns.

This could mean someone who is a convicted criminal, or has a mental Illness. Some think that an extensive background check could save a potential criminal from buying a gun and committing another crime. While this does make sense, there Is also the possibility of that criminal buying a gun from an Individual owner and not having to go through any process. In other words, slipping through the cracks. Obama is trying to limit the number of rounds a magazine can hold up to ten. His reason? To prevent semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-1 5 from being used in mass shootings.

While this was the main weapon used in the Sandy Hook School shooting, other guns have been used previously to do mass shootings. The gun control policy has good intentions to it, however I don’t see it doing any good. I believe that responsible people should be allowed to carry guns, have gun in their homes to protect their families, and be free to express their Second Amendment right. The policy consistency with American federalism constitutional framework is consistent. The constitutional framework is understanding the Constitution by interpreting it, analyzing, implementing or amending it.

Different areas have to come together and work together to reach a solution. The policy is consistent due to the fact that the federal, local and state all have a say in what they want to see passed or not. Each government level must work together and come together on a solution. The President can propose a law or change or amend a current law or plan but it must also go through Congress. This is where the term “framework” comes into play. Everyone must compromise, work gather and agree on something for it to be enforced.

In conclusion I have briefly discussed the pros and cons of implementing gun control over this country, two of the most common issues currently happening that affect gun control, and President Beam’s suggestions for his gun control plan. I am unable to say what will happen with this issue, it is one that we will have to wait and see. I do not see a rewrite of the Constitution due to our Second Amendment being taken away but I could see extensive mental health exams being mandatory before purchasing a gun. Finally, while we may attempt to enforce rules on buying guns, unfortunately we cannot stop crazy people from doing crazy things.