Gun Control

Crime has been a major issue in society. Gun crime has been on a rapid increase, leaving families to bury their loved ones, children without parents and in the case of Sandy Hook Elementary school, twenty five Innocent lives lost. With resent activities, gun control has become an Issue of constant debate. The Issue of constitutional rights to bare firearm may need to be revisited In other to control the flow of firearms in the hands of criminals.

Gun crimes are on the rise In the United States and stricter policies need to be implemented to, curb crime by doing intensive background check, differ penalties for illegal firearm use and also protect one’s constitutional rights. How can crime be curbed? This is a question that’s on the mind of people who have been victims of gun crimes. There are many different types of crimes, but gun crimes have proven to be the deadliest of them all. The reality is guns are easily accessed by criminals because of the lack of intensive background check being done on these individuals.

A national database is needed to cross reference on all individuals to determine whether of not they are fit to carry a firearm. The reason why gun laws are deed to curb crime, It’s because if there were a federal gun control law and a database set up that allows cross referencing nationwide, guns would least likely be sold to Individuals with a criminal history. Some may debate that an Intensive background check on Individuals may not decrease the crime rate. This may be true in some aspects because individuals may find other means to find firearms from other countries.

If a criminal is allowed to purchase a firearm from other countries then background check needs to be done on a larger scale. To handle this issue, aground checks need to be done on a worldwide manner. Not only will this venture protect the United States, but will also benefit other countries who are dealing with large amounts of gun crimes. It is essential to have these measures in place to aid in the prosecutions of criminals. So many families bury their love one’s because someone did not take the time to do their homework on the person they are making a purchase to. The question is “Can Intensive background check be Ignored? No!! It has become an essential part of fighting the flow of Illegal guns being used by Iranians. It’s Important to know who owns this firearm and where they can be located in the case of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. When someone commits a crime what are the penalties one may ask. The penalty should FLT the crime, taking into consideration what the consequences of those actions can lead to. In the case of guns, the consequence of use is someone’s life being taken, paralysis based on where the individual was shot and also living in constant fear that going out may lead to one’s death.

No one should live their lives wondering if they went to he store, will they make it back home. No one should feel that because they are dressed in a certain way that they are automatically targeted as a victim. No child should go to school and not make it home because some lunatic came into the classroom and started firing. These are the reasons why stiffer penalties are needed to curb gun crime. Getting caught with an Illegal firearm should be an automatic sentence of life In prison. The fact that someone Is capable of walking around with an illegal firearm should the intention of the person.

When arrested, some may individuals that may be implicated. For example, If Jack gets arrested carrying a firearm that he claims belongs to Jill, then law enforcement needs to investigate the ownership of the firearm and if it can be proven that Jill does own that weapon, she should be prosecuted along with Jack. Some laws may already make provision for this, but law enforcement at times can be a bit lazy and may settle on one prosecution. This need not be the case because the unprotected individual gets a chance to purchase another firearm illegally and will eventually go out and commit a rime using that firearm.

Penalties should be stiff and examples need to made of individuals. The laws should be implemented and taken so serious that criminals should have a clear understanding that carrying and using an illegal firearm will cost them their freedom and possibly their life, if the death penalty is implemented. Many may have argued that gun laws may impact the 2nd amendment. “Patrick J Charles said the amendment was adopted in 1791”. The second amendment should be protected and individuals should be given every right to bare legal arms.

Implementing gun laws does not mean that the 2nd amendment should be impacted. Implemented gun control laws only would only impact individuals who disobey the 2nd amendment. Then 2nd amendment covers individuals who own firearm’s legally. Gun control laws would impact individuals who has purchased, used or sold guns illegally. The argument may be that individuals who have obtained their firearms legally may use this excuse to commit crimes. There should be laws to protect people who have legal weapons but there should also be laws that will rosette them if evidence shows that they acted in ill faith.

Overall gun control laws are a necessity in society today. Families are burdened with burying their loved one because this country does not work in unity to handle the issue of gun. It’s about time that law makers set aside their own personal benefits and look out for the people like, Tramway Martin, the Columbic victims, Dylan Hockey, Victoria Soot and all the other victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy. This people had to right to be with their families today. Dylan Hockey should be running around playing outside on this beautiful bring day.