Gun Control

Brian Poole Gun Control seems to be more of an issue today than it has ever been in the history of our world. Wave all heard tragic news stories about gun violence; wave been hearing about these stories since wave been old enough to remember. Gun control has always been a controversial issue, but it could possibly be the most controversial of all issues now. The recent shootings at Sandy Hook in Newport, Connecticut have placed gun control at the front of the line.

Gun control isn’t relative to my field of study, but It Is an Issue that I feel Ignorant about. I can understand the views of both sides of the debate, but I work with many gun enthusiasts who are narrow-minded towards this issue, and I want to put an end to this ignorance; not Just at my place of work, but anywhere that the Issue Is being discussed. This Is a very serious and sensitive Issue that will affect my children’s future, and I need to educate myself because I want to be involved.

Gun violence Is out of control and needs to be stopped. Gun control has been, and probably always will be, an Issue that will always have opposition; but the Issue needs to be addressed now more than ever. It’s not an Issue of gun control in general; It’s an Issue of gun control today. Everyone wants to comment on the Ineffectiveness of gun control laws In the past, such as the assault rifle band; stating that gun violence never decreased from these laws