Gun Control

Gun control is wrong for many reasons. For one, it is against what the Constitution says. Another reason would be there is many myths that surround gun control. Those are mostly lies. They will be expressed along with some others in this paper. Gun control is not going to do anything for the people in the United States. The issue of gun control is against the constitution and the rights of people.

The Constitution has gun control in it in the Second Amendment. The main part says,“ the right of the people to keep and bear arms, that right shall not be infringed” (Ross). “What the Second Amendment means is that all people have the right to have a gun (Dolan 29).

So, if there were gun control then what would be happening would be against the constitution because the constitution also “ prohibits the federal government from eliminating state militias or interfering with state gun control laws”(Ross). So the constitution clearly does protect against gun control. If it did not, it would not be an Amendment all of its own.

There are many myths and lies that surround gun control. The first is, “the proliferation of guns in this country is responsible for an increase in the violent crime rate” (Otero). But a truth is, that if so many people would not have guns, which could make crime higher since people would not have the power to protect themselves. Just because there are more guns in this country does not mean they are an attribute to the crime rate. And the real truth is that “ 99% of our legal gun owners do not commit crimes with them” (Otero). Another fact is that “ the fear of crime causes people to obtain guns” (McKenna 197). So a reason to the proliferation of guns is because many people are afraid so they obtain a gun to be safe. The second myth related to gun control is, “the proliferation of gun ownership is responsible for an alarming increase in fatal gun accidents involving children” (Otero). That is totally not true, if anything ownership of guns would protect children if their parents would have them to defend against a burglar. But to be truthful “ fatal gun accidents accounted for less than 4% of all accidental deaths involving children under 15” (Otero). Also “ accidents involving children under 10 count for just over 1% of accidental deaths of children” (Otero). The third myth is, “The proliferation of guns is responsible for an increase in suicides” (Otero). But in fact, “ the civilian gun stock increased 75%, the total suicide rate in this country fluctuated very little and amounted to 12 deaths per 100,000 persons in 1994” (Otero). So by guns rising a very high percentage, the suicide rates did not raise with them, so this myth would also be proved false.

The fourth myth is, “Strict gun control laws have been successful in lowering crime in the UK and Canada” (Otero). There is no consistent global correlation between the availability of guns and violent crime (Otero). The best fact is, just because if the country has a low number of guns do not mean you have low crime, there are many countries that have the opposite of this, like Mexico has low guns high crime and there are others (Otero. Roleff says“ gun control is not the answer to solving crime” (Roleff 47). The fifth myth is, “criminals prefer assault weapons and hand guns” (Otero). This is not that accurate, criminals are just as likely to use a knife or another weapon than guns. People just believe that guns are very powerful weapons, so they are used more because they strike fear in more people than other weapons. Guns are not bad, because if a robber is coming in to a house with a gun, if the person possesses one there is less likely to be any injuries.

There are a few more myths; the sixth is, “few people actually use guns in self defense” (Otero). But in fact, the truth is that “using a gun in defense saves about 240,00-400,00 lives a year”(Otero). Another fact that makes this myth a lie is “Only 1 in 4 victims using a gun as self-defense were even attached during a robbery or assault” (Otero). Also about 2.2-2.5 million people use a gun for self-defense a year (Otero).” The next myth is, “ Gun control laws take guns out of the hands of criminals and lower violent crime” (Otero). But in real life, “Any gun control measure that makes weapons harder to get for good guys than for bad guys would likely produce more violence rather than less” (Roleff 26). The seventh myth is, “ Gun Control laws take guns out of the hands of criminals and lower violent crime” (Otero). But what the real truth is gun control takes guns out of everyone’s hands, so that would mean that the criminal would not have one, but the person who is being robbed would have no protection also. So in this perspective, “ Gun Control laws hinder and harass ordinary citizens while doing nothing to criminal predators” (Otero).

The eighth myth is, “ you, and your family and friends, are 43 times more likely to be shot by a gun kept in the home than is a criminal intruder” (Otero). But the truth is, that if you have a gun you are less likely to be attacked. The study used to create this myth also included suicides in the home, which were 37; so the myth cannot be fact using that information (Otero). The ninth myth is, “ ordinary citizens cannot effectively use guns for self-defense and are more likely to get hurt using them in self-defense than not” (Otero). But there are a few statistics that show this myth is very false. The best would be this; in 76% percent of the time the victim does not even need to fire a shot (Otero). Another fact would be using a gun in self-defense saves 240,00-400,000 lives a year (Otero). This is why guns are good for household protection.

The tenth myth is that,” law abiding citizens cannot be trusted to safely carry concealed weapons in public”(Otero). The real truth is that “when a country adopted a right to carry law murder fell by 8%” (Otero). So when people do have the right to carry a gun, killing goes down so they must be able to be trusted with this statistic. How can people not be trusted when with the many people in the U.S that carries a concealed weapon when “only 17 licenses were revoked for a crime with a fire arm” (Roleff 48).

Another argument on gun control is that if we pass it, they will also be taking away a sport instrument also. Guns are not only used for self-defense, but used for conventional uses also. The most common would be hunting and target shooting. If people have these taken away’ then a sport that has been around for many years will be eliminated also. Because we will have to give up our firearms, people will not be able to hunt and do those recreational things citizens have grown up on. So taking away guns would not just take away from people who use them for self-defense, but for sporting uses also.

Here are some statistics on the issue of gun control that may help. “ 83 percent of the robbery victims in the U.S were not injured” (Otero). Also “88% of assault victims in the U.S are not injured” (Otero). “Less than 0.5% of all guns are involved in a violent crime” (Otero). “Only 1in4 victims using a gun as self-defense were even attacked during a robbery or assault” (Otero). About 2.2-2.5 million people use a gun for self-defense a year (Otero). When the number of guns rose 75% during 1974-1994 the number of children who were killed with a firearm fell 65% (Otero).

Here are some popular saying used in gun control issues.

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. (Ross)

“When owning a gun becomes a criminal offense, only criminals will own guns”(Ross)

Here are a few more reasons that will support the fact of gun control being a bad decision. If people are going to control guns what about the other popular weapons out there such as knives. “Knives are also used as weapons, if we control guns we should control knives” (Ross). So if people get rid of guns then why not get rid of all things that are dangerous which would not leave the U.S. with much. Everything can be used as a weapon, so what is going to be done about all of those.

The information in this paper has supplied many reasons on why gun control is wrong. It is against what the U.S. has in its Constitution. Gun control is not needed the U.S has gone on with guns for many years and it would not be right to take that right away.